I noticed that the Australian Institute of Chartered Accountants has announced that an Insolvency Management Committee (IMC) has been established in order for it to improve its engagement with Institute members who are also insolvency practitioners. Bruce Gleeson FCA, Principal, Jones & Partners, former chair of the NSW Regional Council, will chair the IMC, which includes nationwide representation across various practice segments. The ICAA has stated that its aim is to consult with the IMC on a range of insolvency-related initiatives as the regulatory and media spotlight continues to focus on challenges facing the insolvency industry.

Update 19 February 2013:

From communications that I have held with the Institute I understand that the first meeting of the IMC was held on  Thursday 31 January 2013 and that the Institute plan to make further information about the group available via the Institute’s website, including the IMC’s terms of reference, objectives, key focus areas etc.    

The current members of the IMC 2013 Members are as follows:

Eddie Senatore FCA SBR Insolvency + Reconstruction Partner ACT
Bruce Gleeson FCA Jones Partners Principal NSW
David Lombe FCA CRG Division, Deloitte Partner NSW
Mark Robinson FCA PPB Partner NSW
Phil Jefferson FCA Jefferson Advisers Pty Ltd Principal Adviser QLD
Peter Lucas CA P. A. Luca & Co Principal QLD
Andrew Heard FCA Heard Phillips Partner SA
Austin Taylor FCA Meertons Director SA
Stephen Michell CA PCI Partners Partner VIC
Ian Francis FCA Taylor Woodings Partner in Charge WA

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