Fair Entitlements Guarantee (‘FEG’) applies to all claims where the insolvency event (liquidation or bankruptcy) occurs on or after 5 December 2012 and has been established under the Fair Entitlements Guarantee Act 2012. GEERS continues to apply for cases prior to this date.

Whilst I undestand the process for lodging a FEG claim is essentially the same process that was followed under GEERS there are new claim forms to be used. One key change appears to be that claimants must provide supporting documentation to demonstrate their identity and citizenship status, either Australian citizens or holders of a permanent visa or special category visa (usually issued to NZ citizens). This documentation appears mandatory and this information is available on the DEEWR website. Such evidentiary documents include:
• Australian passport
• Australian birth certificate
• Certificate of Australian citizenship
Holders of visas need to provide a certified copy of their visa.

Have a look yourself and tell me what you think?

For Insolvency Practitioners this is something a little extra that may sometimes be difficult to obtain. Best trying to get it upfront before employees are terminated.


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