By now many of you would have seen the press around the recent preview release by Deloitte of Positioning for Prosperity?. This is a targetted look at where Australia will find its next waves of economic growth. Insights into five significant industries that are linked critically in Austrailia’s future are provided in the areas of mining, agribusiness, gas, international eductation, tourism and wealth management. Here is a link to a short video put together about ensuring that Australian businesses ‘Catch the next wave’.

This publication goes on to talk about here the five primary levers that companies can use to consider how they are positioned to grow over the next decade and how they can move closer to proximity. These steps are effectively ways of hitting ‘forward’ and ‘fast forward’ to shape the future for our companies and Australia’s economy.

If you haven’t already reached out to a Deloitte colleague of mine to discuss how this publication and these levers can be enacted by your business, drop me a line. This is just the tip of the iceberg and its not until to you start to delve into these areas with “crunchy” questions that you really start to unlock value and obtain a capaicty to act to ride this wave.

Some of the simple questions that come quickly to mind once you assess your business through this new lense are:
* Have you thought about how your customers/suppliers might be affected;
* How about your talent? Do you have the right capabilities in your business? or
* Have you thought about how it might mean you can secure a positional advantage now?


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